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How to cook vegan Mexican food: a guide to the best recipes

Are you interested in Mexican food but think it’s not possible to make without meat? Think again! With these recipes, you can indulge in all your favorite Mexican dishes, including tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and quesadillas — all 100% vegan! Get inspired and cook up the most delicious vegan Mexican food with these amazing recipes. Plus, they’re easy to make and almost everyone loves them!


Instead of buying premade guacamole at grocery stores, try making your own. It’s much healthier and tastes delicious, too! All you need is 1 avocado, 1 lime, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped cilantro leaves and 1/4 cup minced red onion (optional). Mash up your avocado in a bowl. Squeeze your lime over it and add some salt if you want. Mix well with a fork or potato masher. Now stir in your cilantro and onions until they are evenly distributed throughout. You can serve it immediately or cover it with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge for later use. If you choose to make it ahead of time, don’t put it on top of anything until right before serving because otherwise, it will turn brown due to oxidation from exposure to air.

Salsa Verde

The beauty of salsa verde is that it can be served with pretty much anything. Its tangy sauce is generally quite mild and lends itself to rich meats like chicken or pork. This particular version of salsa verde includes avocados, which lend both creamy texture and healthy fats. If you’re eating more consciously, you can leave out those ingredients without sacrificing flavor in any way; they’ll simply serve as a garnish for each bowl. YHWH

Fajitas with vegan cheese and mushroom filling

one of my favorite meals! This recipe is easy, healthy, and tasty! Give it a try and you will definitely love it. I usually serve it with some guacamole or vegetable salsa for dinner. I sometimes make fajitas for lunch with corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. Fajitas are very good because you can use any ingredients you want, so feel free to add what you have at home into your recipe! Enjoy :)

Refried Beans

Beans and lentils are an excellent source of protein that can help fill you up, keep you full for longer, and give your meals more flavor. They’re also much healthier than meat and have fewer calories than any type of poultry.

Casseroles and Bowls

When you’re first starting out with a plant-based diet, it can be hard to remember that most of your meals don’t have to be complicated. Once you get past building elaborate tacos and burritos, there are countless super-easy plant-based recipes that don’t require any special techniques. Spicy is one of my favorite flavors for Mexican dishes because it compliments so many other ingredients. I like to think of spicy as a condiment; if you want more heat in your dish, add more hot sauce or chili powder! The pepper doesn’t just make your meal hotter—it also adds flavor to tofu, tempeh, beans, rice, and even vegetables. If you aren’t familiar with chiles and spices like chipotle powder or cumin seeds, check out some online guides before diving into new recipes; they might seem intimidating at first but they really aren’t difficult once you know what they taste like.

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